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A D R O I T   S Y S T E M   I N T E G R A T I O N   S E R V E R  (ASIS)











Adroit System Integration Server (ASIS) was developed to consolidate your business systems and communication devices. Increase productivity and staff efficiency with an easy-to-manage software. It enables you to better control of your organization through integration. ASIS can interface with both wired and wireless systems and devices, such as Nurse Call systems, moving message display panels, mobile phones, DECT phones, PDAs, laptops and pagers, as well as provide system fault reports. It automatically forwards messages to respective devices and maintains data of system activities for risk management reports.



ASIS is applicable to all types of businesses and is particularly suited to the following fields where employees are often on the move:

- Manufacturing and production (eg. factories)

- Healthcare environments

- Supermarkets

- Service industries where staff are always at the move



- Interfaces with most business systems and communication devices

- Supports LAN, Serial, WAN and Wireless

- Data collected and processed via ASIS are stored in the Application Database

- Ability to monitor and generate reports


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