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Adroit Service Call System – For improved service, sales and productivity





Adroit’s Service Call System allows your customers to simply press a wireless button and staff will be notified immediately via a display panel.

This practical and user-friendly system utilizes wireless technology to improve your business’ service, sales and productivity. The system is easy to install and requires no wiring or alteration of your business premises’ interior design. When required, the system is also easy to expand.

The system is particularly suited for use in businesses where prompt assistance is crucial for customer satisfaction and well-being, particularly in slimming/medical/beauty establishments and F&B outlets.

With Adroit's Service Call System, customers no longer have to look around, wave their hands or shout for assistance. Customers are assured of getting assistance when they need it. The faster, smoother and friendlier service will surely attract new customers and delight existing ones.

With this system, staff do not have to keep checking on customers and this maximizes productivity and improves workflow efficiency. Staff resources will be fully utilized. The system will also translate to increased business through faster turnaround for treatment rooms/ VIP rooms and dining tables.










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