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Executone - Healthcare Communication Platform & Care/Com II-E



By integrating wireless technology into its digital communications  fabric, the telephony-based  Healthcare Communications Platform (HCP) system promotes better resource  management  that improves operational efficiency, staff productivity and patient care. A comprehensive solution, HCP combines  the  performance  features of CARE/COMŽ II-E communications with our powerful wireless infrared locator system, pocket pagers and wireless DECT phone system. 




HCP  includes the highly useful  Nurse Call Activities Management Report package, and can be  integrated  with  the  hospital's  MIS  system  for  maximum efficiency in displaying patient data. Patient calls  can be  answered  without  a nurse present  at the  main Nurse Control  Station (NCS). Instead, calls are answered or placed at any staff terminal, alerting caregivers to patient needs wherever  they are.  The  wireless  locator  feature  uses  sensors  installed   throughout  the facility  to locate personnel, doctors, patients  and  equipment  and  this  information  can  be viewed on the staff terminal LED.


The  advanced NCS is easy to operate  and  features  a touch-screen  that  prioritizes calls. It includes  the displays, controls  and  indicators  needed  to provide  valuable information to your staff.  The  handset, speaker  and  microphone  allow  hands-free  or  private  nurse-nurse  and nurse-patient communication.


Patient stations provide clear, two-way communication from the bedside to the NCS, and  can  be  interfaced  to  accept  input  from  peripheral  devices such as code blue stations, emergency  stations  and  call origination  devices.  The patient  call  origination  devices  are  available  with  controls for operating TV entertainment and bed lights.

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