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EZCare -  Healthcare Communication System








EZ Care combines 60 years of Executone dependability with the innovation of advanced Zettler technology. The EZ Care system is the breakthrough that represents the culmination of leadership and is designed to meet healthcare challenges around the world.


This system is an all-electronic care and communications system based on state-of-the-art technology. EZ Care is compliant with the latest standards, and is characterized by high reliability and flexibility. Along with conventional, standardized call signaling using dome lights, calls are indicated on LCD display stations in clear text. The combination of display stations and dome lights makes call management easy: if several calls are occurring at once, they can be stored at the display stations, while call themselves continue to annunciate at dome lights. 



The system is fully programmable to integrate Nurse Call devices with or without speech for cost efficiency. It may be interfaced with wireless Nurse Call devices, DECT phones, staff attack transmitters, moving message display panels, smoke detectors (for added security), and can generate Nurse Call activities reports and more.


Adroit's 3-in-1 pillow speakers® enable patients to place Nurse Calls, and operate the television and bed lights with a single touch. In the long term, the system is cost effective while ensuring patient comfort and satisfaction.  


The system can group nursing units and staff shifts. Monitoring functions built in the system ensure that any faults are immediately signalled via Nurse stations, corridor displays and dome lights. 


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