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Transrex AG - Bedside Entertainment System



Transrex  telecommunication solutions unify the reception of  TV,   radio,  telephony  and  internet  services in one product  installed  right  next  to patient beds.  Watching   TV  and  listening  to  the radio become personalized and discrete when a headset is connected to the terminal.  Internet  access enables patients to access personal emails.


Transrex  enables high flexibility in the attribution of tariffs for the rental of TV,  radio,  telephony  and  internet  services.  Individual tariffs can be defined for each service and contribute to the profitability of hospitals/clinics.

The unparalleled comfort and convenience that the Transrex AG brings sets your hospital/clinic apart from the competition. Become the hospital/clinic of choice and enjoy increased occupancy/appointments  with this state-of-the-art system.


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